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Wizarding World



Partner In Charge:

Emily Oberman


Laura Berglund

Tim Cohan

Lisa Grant

Michael Houtz

Jeremy Mickel

Matt Varner

Meredith Zerby

The Wizarding World is J.K. Rowling’s original magical universe encompassing the stories of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and more. 


This concept embodies the original format of the Harry Potter story, the books. But the pages of this book are represented by the leading characters’ wands. The custom drawn typography combines attributes from Harry Potter (the lightning bolt) and Fantastic Beasts (the spikes and barbs) to create a unique new character set.

We also developed logos and custom typography for theatrical and gaming properties within the Wizarding World universe. They each have their own concept but fit nicely within the Wizarding World visual language. 

Scope: Theatrical Logo, Custom Typeface Design, Logo Localization

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