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Fisher-Price Brand Identity System



Partner In Charge:

Emily Oberman


Tim Cohan

Laura Berglund

Mira Khandpur

Greg Morrison

Lisa Grant

Jeremy Mickel

Scope: Brand Identity System, Custom Typeface Design, Illustration

The Fisher-Price brand identity is an evolution of their previous iconic red awning. We redrew the typography to be more refined and switched to an approachable all-lowercase serif. We redrew the awning to have three scallops; one for each of the founding members Herman Fisher, Irving Price, and Helen Schelle. The flexible logo suite is a kit-of-parts that includes an FP monogram bubble and also an FP monogram, and for small use cases the awning can be used without the wordmark. 

Using the geometry of the logo we created a robust set of icons, gestures, faces, and patterns for use in packaging, in-store displays, and marketing materials. We collaborated with Jeremy Mickel to develop a custom typeface in standard and “bouncy” weights. 

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