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Sanitation Foundation Brand Identity




Partner In Charge:

Emily Oberman


Tim Cohan

Katherine Killeffer

Greg Morrison

Scope: Naming, Mission Statement, Brand Identity System, Print Collateral

The Sanitation Foundation is the official non-profit partner of the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY). Their mission is to support the work of DSNY to help clean up the city and reduce waste sent to landfill. We partnered with the team to rename the organization, craft a new mission statement, and build out a comprehensive brand identity system. 

The primary logo utilizes the outline of the DSNY’s iconic truck as a holding shape for the name, which fits inside it perfectly. The “truckazoid”, as we call it, reduces to be an effective favicon, social media profile, or brand extension lockup. Helvetica is used throughout brand staying true to its roots. We also drew a new version of the caduceus for use as a secondary mark connecting it back the DSNY. 

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