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Changwon NC Park



Partner In Charge:

Emily Oberman


Tim Cohan

Tom Grunwald

Jodi Terwilliger

Jordan Harvey

Lisa Grant

Scope: Brand Identity, Landmark Signage, Custom Typeface Design

The Brand identity and signage for Changwon NC Park in South Korea reflects the monumental nature of the Ballpark itself as well as the energy that fans bring to each game. The logo comprises sweeping symmetrical custom typography that is anchored by a home plate in the center. The signs are constructed of letters that are extruded at different depths to create dramatic sculptural curves. 

The Gates, located at each major entrance, act as grand portals into the home of the NC Dinos. Their angular form is inspired by the NC logo. Each is illuminated at night with cove lighting inside of the portals and uplighting. Passing through the massive structure echos the grandeur of the rest of the ball park and the thrill of seeing a professional baseball game.


The sign at the top of the scoreboard top is designed to capitalize on and enhance celebratory moments in a game by using dynamic sequences of illumination and a spinning home plate in the center. The back of the scoreboard features a grid of LED lights that display seasonal video content. 

We also developed an interactive wall made of actual baseballs. Each baseball is made of two different colors of leather and acts as a pixel. The resulting “screen” displays pre-programmed content or it can mirror the movements of a fan when they approach and activate the sensors.

CNCP_Ball Wall_3000px.jpg
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