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MFA Design 25 Years Book


School of Visual Arts


Tim Cohan

Wiebke Meyer-Lüters

Alexandra Mooney

Mingxuan Shen

Scope: Book concept and design, interior and exterior

This book is the culmination of 25 years of School of Visual Arts’ MFA Design and Entrepreneurship program founded in 1998 by Steven heller and Lita Talarico. It showcases a wide range of work spanning an astonishing range of subjects and disciplines such as brand identity, book authorship and design, custom typefaces, broadsheets, film-making, infographics, marketing campaigns, user interface design, and more.

Rather than sort by year, we organized this expansive collection of work into the four semesters that each student experienced. It is a year(s)book for all 25 years of cohorts; as such we included a signatures section at the back including a seating chart of the studio. 

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